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Volume 10, Issue 5 - 2016

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson opines on knowing what is essential; Paul Temple discusses how the Explore Scientific AR 102 is an outstanding value; Terry Ostahowski quest for a backyard observatory; Gary Parkerson’s experience with the tiny LapDome tent to protect electronic devices, Rachel Parkerson demonstrates how the Universe2go and your smartphone hold the potential for a fun, interactive, educational experience; Mark Zaslove shows that the SkySafari 5 Pro just keeps on getting better; we catch up with SkyShed’s Wayne Parker to find out what he has been up to since gracing the cover of ATT’s May 2007 issue; the “Look Back” series features Wayne Parker’s thoughts on creating the POD observatory, industry news; new products and more!

Volume 10, Issue 4 - 2016

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson discusses his new “Pedaling Astronomer Project”; Erik Wilcox helps bring astronomy to the masses as he describes how he has worked to build an astronomy tour in Hawaii; John O’Neill test drives the new Explore Scientific 127 FCD100 refractor; Jim Meadows shows how to use the MallinCam SkyRaider NetBook Kit over wi-fi for remote video astronomy; Alexandre Lhoest demonstrates how to measure seeing and solar imaging with the AiryLab Solar Scintillation Monitor: Mark Zaslove images with the Fornax 52 Mount; Cliff De Lacy interviews Rock Mallin with MallinCam Video Cameras; we take a look back at Vito Rotondi’s overview of the creation of Pier Tech's Star Traveler - an observatory that can be driven at 60 mph down the highway; industry news; new products and much more!

Volume 10, Issue 3 - 2016

In this issue Mark Zaslove test drives the remarkable APM 152mm f/7.9 ED-APO; James L. Chen shows how the Nexstar Evolution 6 and SkyPortal provide the ultimate grab-and-go scope; Jim Meadows explains how the MallinCam SkyRaider NetBook Kit offers an affordable introduction to video astronomy; Dr. James R. Dire enjoys the TPO 6-inch Newtonian Telescope which offers a tremendous value and competent all-purpose Newtonian; Gary Parkerson examines the exquisite execution of an elegantly-minimalist design of the Fornax Lightrack Mount; Alan Homes discusses how the SBS Seeing Monitor is an essential device for your home observatory; our new “Looking Back” series offers a chance to revisit Erik Wilcox’s 2007 article on his Wilcox Rings which provide a simple Newtonian tube rotating solution; plus Industry News, New Products and much more!

Volume 10, Issue 2 2016

Our biggest issue ever at 90 pages! In this issue Gary Parkerson discusses how the evolution of Astronomy Technology Today continues; Austin Grant shows that Astronomik L-RGB Typ2c and Narrowband Filters have no halos – none!; James Chen provides expert insight into how the Vixen SX2 with Star Book TEN is a solid portable GoTo EQ mount with a planetarium-style controller; Our readers getting enlightened as Dream Scopes Shane Santi takes a look at the off-axis performance of paraboloidal mirrors; Ed Connors shares his journey in designing an ATM 6-inch f/15 binoscope; After reading Shane Santi’s article, you get to learn more about his efforts with Dream Scopes with an in-depth Q&A; Gary Parkerson’s Astro Tip on getting solar ready; plus industry news, new products and much more!

Volume 10, Issue 1 2016

Welcome to the first issue of our new digital monthly magazine! Inside is Roy Parish’s review of the Lunt LS60, the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign Telescope Alignment System is test driven by Ray Bureau, Austin Grant demonstrates how the ZWO ASI120MM Astronomy Camera Kit is the Do-It-All for Astro-Imaging, Editor Gary Parkerson shows how the StarSync Tracker is Accurate, Stable, Affordable, Bullet-Proof and just so much better than a homemade barn door tracker, Greg Andrews lets Android fans join him in rejoicing about the new BlueLink from Astronomy Shoppe, our Astro Tips, Tricks & Novel Solutions section shows how you can never have too many red LEDs, plus industry news, new products and much more!

November-December 2015 Volume 9, Issue 5

In this issue ATT editor Gary Parkerson explains the magazine’s new digital focus; Mark Zaslove shows the Borg 90FL to be light, fast and fantastic; Austin Grant upgrades his observatory with Lunatico Astronomia's Seletek Platypus and Firefly; Discovery Telescopes Premium DHQ Newtonian Reflectors are given a test run by Dr. James R. Dire; John O’Neill provides a short but sweet article about Starlight Instrument’s New Posi-Drive Motor System; Austin Grant does double duty in this issue with his thoughts on the Aurora Cloud Sensor III; David Ellison tip shows how to get your wiring ready for winter, plus industry news, new products and more!

September-October 2015 Volume 9 Issue 4

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson highlights his experiences at OKIE-TEX 2015, Richard S. Wright, Jr. shows that the Nikon D810a is a formidable challenger for astro imaging, Mark Zaslove test drives the 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Mount, Cliff De Lacy demonstrates how to observe the Sun in color with the MallinCam Xtreme, Editor Gary Parkerson shows that while Terry Clinard has retired he is still machining away, Paul Sandelle’s tip provides freedom from laptop tethering, plus industry news, new products and more.

July-August 2015 Volume 9 Issue 3

In this issue Dr. James Dire test drives the Explore Scientific AR152 Achromatic Refractor; Richard Wright demonstrates how the Sky-Watcher Esprit Apos Are among the best Apo values on the market today; Ron Brecher shows how the IP4AP PixInsight Tutorial Series can take your image-processing skills to a new level; André Van der Elst offers the article Mirrors Versus Prism Star Diagonals; Industry News; New Products and more.

March-April 2015 Volume 9 Issue 2

In this issue editor Gary Parkerson examines the accurate, capable, and versatile Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Astro Package; André Van der Elst test drives the New Baader Solar Filters (BSF); Ed Turco takes a deep dive into designing the optimum 6-inch F/8 ATM Newtonian; Dragan Nikin introduces the Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas Field Edition, a new kid on the star-atlas block; Mark Zaslove goes big with the Lunt 100-mm 45° ED-APO Binoculars; David Lloyd-Jones provides a low-tech, but extremely useful astrotip; industry news, new products and more.

January February 2015 Volume 9 Issue 1

In this issue read Alan Dyer’s “Time-Lapse Tools and Toys: A Survey of Neat Stuff for Shooting Time-lapses of the Night Sky”; Tom Osypowski’s “The 32-inch F/2.8 Equatorial Platforms Spicaeyes Telescope An Ultra-Fast SlipStream Go-To Telescope with Lockwood Optics”; “A Do-It-Yourself Joystick for Graceful Scope Control” By John Stirniman; Austin Grant’s article “Gerd Neumann Camera-lens Bahtinov Mask and Telescope Support Systems DSLR/Lens Mount: Taking Wide-field Astrophotography to the Next Level”; “CaK-to-Visible Color-Conversion Eyepiece: A Chemically Enhanced DIY Cure for Dim CaK Views” By John Paladini; Astro Tips, Tricks & Novel Solutions; Industry News; New Products and More!

November-December 2014 Volume 8 Issue 6

In this issue ATT Editor Gary Parkerson gets mobile with the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8; Richard S. Wright, Jr. demonstrates how Software Bisque Paramount MyT is dynamite in a small packages; Austin Grant finds sunny days with Astro Hutech’s Hinode Solar Guider; David Snay annihilates light pollution with Chroma Technology’s LoGlow Filter; Dr. James Dire powers up with Kendrick’ Imaging Power Panel; Mark Zaslove hangs out with the gang at SIA 2014; Gary Parkerson finds new astro uses for industrial products; new products, industry news, and more!

September-October 2014 Volume 8, Issue 5

In this issue, editor Gary Parkerson discusses a full spectrum of imaging options as well as catering to his visual side with his review of the Skylight Telescopes 102F7ED Refractor, Mark Zaslove falls in love with the Avalon M-Zero Single-Arm Mount, Austin Grant test drives the Sky-Watcher Esprit 100-mm ED Triplet APO Refractor, Dr. James Dire explores the ES80 Explore Scientific’s ED Triplet Apochromatic Refractor, Austin Grant goes outside the astronomy box with substituting UV for white-light HoTech Astro Aimer Scientific, David Ellison teams up with friends to show that remote imaging is more affordable than you think, a great tip for a different use for eyepieces, industry news, new products and much more!

July-August 2014 Volume 8, Issue 4

In this issue editor Gary Parkerson discusses :Labors of Love: Astronomy Star Products:; Dr. James Dire shows how William Optics has done it again with the William Optics Star 71 Refractor; Sean Melehan demonstrates how the Gondwana Telescopes Marana is a big-aperture cure for fat lips and slip discs; Larry Alvarez shows how to deliver unmatched solar views and images with the Lunt 230 H-alpha Solar Telescope; Greg Marshall examines the question “Can AO be useful to the amateur astro-photographer?”; Robert E. Majewski provides the know-how to improving imagery of low-lying planets by building an easy to use atmospheric dispersion corrector; Austin Grants tip on smoothing azimuth, industry news, new products and more!

May-June 2014 Volume 8, Issue 3

In this issue Austin Grant images with the Baader MPCC Mark III and a TPO 10-inch Imaging Newt; Dave Snay demonstrates a better way to clean optics using First Contact Polymer; Calculating the Perfect Telescope Size Post Paracorr Type-2 by James R. Dire, Ph.D.; NEAIC and NEAF 2014: The Whole Gang Was There! by Gary Parkerson; Astro Tips, Tricks & Novel Solutions: Adding a Foreign Counterweight by David Ellison; Industry News, New Products and More!

March-April 2014 Volume 8 Issue 2

In this issue learn about axis guiding and real time autofocus with the ONAG and SharpLock from inventor Dr. Gaston Baudat, see how Dave Snay’s expectations are exceeded with Astrotroniks Custom Pier Adapters, Dr. James R. Dire installs a MoonLite CR Newtonian Focuser using a MoonLite Adapter Kit, Richard S. Wright, Jr. images with the Starlight Xpress Trius-SX694, Gary Parkerson compares Baader Planetarium’s Fringe Killer, Semi-APO and Contrast-Booster anti-fringing filters, Sean Melehan builds an ATM secondary mirror container, industry news, new products and much more!

January-February 2014 Volume 8, Issue 1

Editor Gary Parkerson discusses the legacy of John Dobson, Andy Cheng test drives the Hubble Optics UL18 f/4.5, Dr. James Dire continues his review of the Sky-Watcher USA ProED 80-mm and 100-mm Apo Refractors, André Van der Elst heats things up with the Baader Planetarium Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Wedge, Austin Grant enhances his spectrum-modified DSLR with the Astronomik Clip-Filter System, Editor Gary Parkerson shows his appreciation for his Dark Skies Apparel Observing Vest and Hood, Canon’s Vari-Angle LCD Monitor: Not Just for Chimping, Industry News, New Products and more!

November-December 2013 Volume 7, Issue 6

In this issue Dr. James Dire tests the Sky-Watcher USA 120-mm ProED Doublet APO Refractor, Austin Grant has as blast with the iOptron SkyTracker., “Uncle” Rod Mollise announces that the “The Video Revolution Cometh” with the MallinCam Junior Pro, Keith Venables analyzes telescope resolution measurements at the 2013 Texas Star Party, Dragan Nikin shows that good scopes do come in small packages as he travels with the Hofheim Instruments 8-inch f/4 Travel Dobsonian, George Pentsas replace his steel tube with a Phenolic telescope tube from Gerd Neumann astronomy products, industry news, new products and much more!

September-October 2013 Volume 7, Issue 5

André Van der Elst demonstrates how the Baader Apo 95/560 CaF2 Travel Companion is a top-quality grab-and-go crossover apochromat, Mark Zaslove’s “Ode to an OSC” - The QHY12, Jody Raney shows how the ADM DV-Series Saddle can make a great mount even better, Reid Williams and editor Gary Parkerson provide a tag team report on the Olivon WA Plössl, Zoom and UW80° Eyepieces, Dr. James Dire test drives the William Optics Gran Turismo 102-mm Apo Refractor for visual observations and digital imaging, industry news, new product announcements, tips, tricks and much more!

July-August 2013 Volume 7, Issue 4

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson tells us about “An Artist Has Lost His Tools” – how Paul Van Slyke lost his manufacturing facility in the Black Forest fire, Dr. James Dire test drives the William Optics Gran Turismo 81-mm Refractor, Ernest Shekolyan deep sky observing experience with the Levenhuk Ra 250N Dob, Dave Snay images with the QHY5L-II - a New Auto-guider/Planetary Camera from QHYCCD, Greg Comegys makes a guidescope from a surplus camera lens, Uncle Rod Mollise upgrades to Deep Sky Planner Version 6 and the DewBuster Controller, Hack a Raspberry Pi for Astro Applications with Rick Saunders, a tip for “going green” with a flashlight, plus industry news, new products and much more.

May-June 2013 Volume 7 Issue 3

In this issue Damian G. Allis, Ph.D. examines the new design approaches and old-fashioned craftsmanship of the 16-inch f/4.5 collapsible-truss Dobsonian from New Moon Telescopes, Mark Zaslove demonstrates how a bigger (field of view) is better with the Boren-Simon 6-inch “Baby” PowerNewt, Richard Wright builds his wide-field dream machine combining QSI, Starlight Instruments and Telescope Support Systems components for an optimum wide-field imaging rig, Austin Grant deploys Magic Lantern Freeware for wide-field astrophotography, Jim Thompson measures the impact of dielectric reflective coatings on image brightness, Ed Ramsell builds a DIY binocular image stabilizer, Industry News, New Products and more!

March-April 2013 Volume 7 Issue 2

In this issue Mark Zaslove puts the iOptron iEQ30 through its paces, Erik Wilcox explains how the Baader Planetarium Q-Turret Eyepiece Set is an affordable kit that delivers, Theodore Saker reveals the uniqueness of the M-Uno Mount, Steven Aggas designs a custom active cooling system for a primary telescope mirror, Austin Grant provides two keys to successful imaging with a fast Newtonian utilizing the Rigel Systems USB nSTEP and AstroSystems Collimation Tools, industry news, new products and much more.

January-February 2013 Volume 7 Issue 1

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson gives a big thank you to all of the individuals and organizations that contribute articles and content to the magazine, Jim Thompson explains why he thinks video astronomy is the future of observing, “Uncle” Rod Mollise tries out the Orion StarShoot DVR Digital Video Recorder, Dave Snay explores observing at Tivoli Astrofarm amid the High Plateau of Namibia, Chuck Jagow explains how his expectations were exceeded with the Orion XX14G Truss-Tube Dobsonian, Doug Chapman discusses his ATM Newtonian Bino-scope “Telescope Built For Two,” David Ellison demonstrates how to make a pinhole camera for easy daytime polar alignment, industry news, new products and much more!

November-December 2012 Volume 6 Issue 6

In this issue Austin Grant tries out astronomical and terrestrial imaging with the Canon 60Da; Steve Aggas takes us through the steps of building his 36-inch custom Dobsonian for the Apache-Sitgreaves Center for Astrophysics; Rick Saunders provides an ATM solution for building driving stepper motors; Gary Parkerson reviews The Great Atlas of the Sky in one article and provides an insiders look at the inaugural Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo in another; Jim Thompson provides part six of his Introduction to Astronomical Filters as he discusses filters for video astronomy; Terry Alford provides his tip on adding a fine-focus arm to a single-speed focuser; plus industry news, new products and much more!

September-October 2012 Volume 6 Issue 5

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson and Klaus Brasch test two iterations of a rich-field achromat, Peter P. Lardizabal demonstrates extreme long-lens imaging with an Astro-Physics 130 StarFire EDF Gran Turismo Triplet Apo Refractor, Jim Thompson presents part 5 of his introduction to astronomical filters as he examines the question “Do Light-Pollution Filters Work?”, Lincoln Harrison shows how to shoot star trails, Austin Grant reviews how Deep Space Products tricked out his Atlas GEM, Troy Atwood outlines a remote power distribution project, Ed Ramsell shows how to solve three solar shields aggravations with one trick, Industry News, New Products and much more!

July-August 2012 Volume 6 Issue 4

In this issue Richard Wright test drives the Officina Stellare RH-200 Veloce, - a Ferrari-Fast 200-mm f/3 Riccardi-Honders Astrograph, Craig Stark builds an adapter in the Cloud with PreciseParts, Wade Van Arsdale demonstrates how the Deep Space Products TEMP-est Systems Active Cooling-Fan Systems boost performance for Celestron EdgeHD and other Fastar optical tubes, Dave Snay tests tracking with the Vixen Polarie, Norm Butler is back with his ATM Go-To Astro-Bino Chair, Dr. James Dire discovers an outstanding value with the Celestron Astromaster 76 Telescope, Ed Ramsell builds a Constant-On Laser Switch, Industry News, New Products, and much more!

May June Volume 6 Issue 3

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson takes a look back at NEAF 2012, John Kramer field tests the Apertura AD12, Craig and Tammy Temple try their hand at imaging with the Sky-Watcher Quantum 120 Apo Triplet, John Wunderlin provides basic and advanced tips for using a Bahtinov focusing mask, Ed Ramsell’s “Ramsell SE Alt-Az Mount” demonstrates how a ATM stationary eyepiece yields viewing comfort, Jim Thompson introduces part four of his Astronomical Filter series, Oliver Penrice shares his experiences with the Mesu-Optics Mesu Mount 200 roller-drive mount, Eric Chesak gives an astro-flashlight tip plus Industry News, New Products and more!

March April Volume 6 Issue 2

In this issue Dr. James R. Dire provides his insights into the right equipment for observing the June 2012 Venus Transit, “Uncle” Rod Mollise gets a plan with Deep-Sky Planner Version 5.1, Rick Saunders goes in search of flat surfaces with his ATM telescope shelves project, Pierre Stromberg muses on how the William Optics Grand Turismo 81 FD Triplet is rejuvenating the 80-mm refractor class, Dr. Gaston Baudat explains the development and design of the Innovations Foresight ONAG (On-Axis Guiding), John Nanson tells a tale of a different experience with the old school Skylight 100-mm f/13 Refractor, Richard Day of Skylight Telescopes explains why he creates his English Victorian refractors, Rick Hiestand walks a path less taken with RSpec Real-Time Spectroscopy, comes to the rescue of Doug Riley and his broken Telrad, Industry News, New Products and much more!

January February 2012 Volume 6 Issue 1

In this issue Austin Grant tames the Celestron CGEM DX – beauty and beast all wrapped in one; Erik Wilcox tests the Groundbreaking App Observer Pro; Ed Jones demonstrates making and testing an autocollimating flat (or analyzing a large “near” flat without a collimating lens); Ed Jones provides the third part of his introduction to astronomical filters providing an analysis of deep-sky filters; Marcin Klapczynski provides a hands-free ride into the binocular universe with his ATM version of a parallelogram mount for astronomical binoculars; Doug Reilly builds a Dobstuff Lightweight Dobsonian Kit scope for public events, see how Klaus Brasch utilizes a Celestron EdgeHD 11 & Optec Lepus 0.62x Telecompressor for top-notch imaging; a guide to taming your tablet’s screen Brightness by David Ellison, industry news, new products, and much more!

November/December 2011 Volume 5 Issue 6

In this issue Dr. James R. Dire shows how the Stellarvue SV70 Achromatic Refractor can be used as a super-sized finder scope, a guide scope for imaging with a larger instrument, and for wide-field imaging; Austin Grant sharpens his imaging skills with IP4AP’s Soup to Nuts tutorial series, Doug Reilly names Starlight Instruments’ New Feather Touch LW “Featherweight Champion of the World,” Dave Snay shows how a Astrotoniks Performance Tune of his much used mount goes a long way to improved performance, Erik Wilcox shows how the Tele Vue Delos are wide-field eyepieces that pack a planetary punch, Part 2 Jim Thompson’s of Introduction to Astronomical Filters focuses on planetary filters, Rick Sunders builds a better ATM tripod telescope shelf, Gary Parkerson Astro Tip is a how to on building a child friendly stairway to the heavens, industry news and new products articles, and much more!

September/October 2011 Volume 5 Issue 5

In This Issue Dr. Barry Megdal Reviews the Finger Lakes Instrumentation’s Atlas Focuser - an Aptly-Named, High-Payload, Ultra-Precise Imaging Focuser; Cliff De Lacy Gives Seven Steps to Best Results With the Meade Coronado SolarMax II 90; Neil Heacock Introduces the WalterLee heliFocus, a Versatile, Affordable Motor-Focus Solution, Jim Thompson Provides a Comprehensive Introduction to Astronomical Filters; Rick Fienberg And Chuck Bueter Build a Sun Funnel - a Simple and Inexpensive Device Makes That Makes it Easy for Many People to Observe the Sun Simultaneously; Richard Scott Comes Up With a Totally New DIY Mirror-Lock Design for a Celestron C11 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope; Rex Cox’s Tip of Using a Pilot’s Kneeboard for Astro Sketching; Editors Notes; New Products, Industry News and Much More!

July/August 2011 Volume 5 Issue 4

In this issue Norman Butler builds a 102-mm F/6 Celestron Go-To Binoscope, Richard Wright field tests Software Bisque’s Paramount MX, Rob Broeren and his dream scope – a Meade Max 20, Erik Wilcox builds a roll-off project in paradise, Matt Affenita test drives the Universal Astronomics DoubleStar Mount, Imaging with John O’Neill and the Astro-Tech 10-inch RC, Industry News, New Products and much more!

May/June 2011 Volume 5 Issue 3

In this issue enjoy Dave Snay's cover article on Chroma Technology Corp's new entry into astronomic filters, adventures in SCT collimation with "Uncle" Rod Mollise and the Hotech Advanced CT Laser Collimator, go stealth with the Kemer Thomson and the Stellaruve SVR 90T Raptor, Pierre Stromberg demonstrates the next step up in Solar astronomy and astrophotography with the LUNT LS60THa, Caroline Moore provides a teenagers perspective on the Celestron 50th Anniversary Edition CPC 800, Austin Grant looks back at NEAF/NEAIC 2011, and Rigel Systems Leon Palmer outlines his astro tip - an ATM tripod dolly, industry news, new products, and more!

March/April 2011 Volume 5, Issue 2

In this issue enjoy Phyllis Lang’s critical evaluation the Teeter’s Telescope 14.5-Inch Truss-Dob, ATT Editor Gary Parkerson’s thoughts on a modern take on an old-school design with the Astro Telescopes 102-MMF/11 Refractor, Austin Grant’s test drive of the William Optics DDG Focus System, a case study by Tim DeBenedictis on using the iPad as a high-end telescope controller, Dave Snay’s thoughts on the iterative method for easy polar alignment, Erik Wilcox’s inexpensive altitude hub braking system as an alternative to traditionally-sized altitude bearings, Rick Saunders’ Baby-Guider as a light-weight and low-cost ATM guidescope, Barlow Bob’s history of NEAF and the NEAF Solar Star Party, Tony Simon’s tip on adding a roller bearing for easy tube rotation, industry news, new products and much more!

January/February 2011 Volume 5, Issue 1

Inside this issue enjoy Dr. James Dire’s review of the William Optics Megrez 120-mm Refractor, Penny Distasio first glipse of the Celestron SkyProdigy at the CES, Klaus Brasch field tests the TMB-92L Signature Series, AG Optical Systems 18-Inch Newtonian Astrograph visits Mark Manner’s observatory, Rick Saunders discusses ownership of the Astro-Tech 8-Inch Imaging Newtonian, Art Bianconi 3D CAD Primer for ATM’rs, Jack Fenimore builds a Home Depot Dob, Doug Reilly fights light intrusion with Protostar’s new FlockBoard, Wayne Parker tip for putting an observatory on video, industry news, new products and much more!

November/December 2010 Volume 4, Issue 6

In this issue Mike Harvey gives a real world look at the new Tele Vue Paracorr 2, John Vogt tries out the new Starlight Integrated Paracorr System, Alan Smallbone tests the Hotech SCA Field Flattener, Erik Wilcox finishes his series of Tele Vue Ethos reviews with look at the 3.7-mm Ethos-SX, Art Bianconi’s ATM Newtonian featuring a sled focuser and forward collimation, William E. Rison demonstrates how to build an ATM focus motor for dual-speed focusers, Dave Snay shows how to use SkyTools Observing and Imaging Planner Software for optimizing viewing and imaging sessions, Joe Campbell’s zip tie to the rescue, industry news, new products, Editor’s Note, and much more!

September/October 2010 Volume 4, Issue 5

In this issue Dr. James Dire gives his advice on selecting a GEM mount, Dave Snay goes planetary with the Imaging Source’s DMK 41AU02.AS Camera, Erik Wilcox installs an 1800Destiny 3-vane spider and shows how to test optics with the Gerd Neumann 10-mm Ronchi Eyepiece, Bob Keyser shares his experience with PEMPro Software to correct a mount’s periodic error, polar alignment and backlash, Steve Luce outlines his extensive research in understanding the critical-focus zone of a fast apochromatic lens, Stephen W. Ramsden and Brian Stephen review the Lunt Solar System LS152, Easy DIY Desiccant Caps from frequent contributor Joe Campbell, Editor Gary Parkerson draws an ATM line in the sand, Industry News, New Products and much more!

July/August 2010 Volume 4, Issue 4

Included in this issue Dave Snay offers three articles including reviews of the Astronomik CLS-CCD Light Pollution Filter, Carina Mobile SkiFi, and the Hubble Artificial Star; Rick Saunders builds a DIY focuser motor solution; another DIY article on making an inexpensive artificial star by Paul Grunwald; Jack Huerkamp discusses new computer control options for the MallinCam, newbie Heather LeBlanc’s experience with the HoTech SCA Laser Collimator; Doug Reilly’s scope retrofit using the new Optical Supports traditional mirror cell, Erik Wilcox gives his take on the Dark Skies Apparel Hooded Observers Vest, Robert Stemlock’s tip on rebuilding a Meade Dob base, Industry News, New Products, and much more!

May/June Volume 4 Issue 3

This issue includes a look back at 50 years of innovate products by Celestron, Craig Stark’s review of the AstroHutech IDAS 31-mm Reflection Suppression Filters, Dave Snay's test of the Orion StarShoot Deep Space Monochrome Imager III, Norm Bulter’s Newtonian ATM project anyone can build with a little time and a Home Depot Card, a look back at product introductions at NEAF 2010, Erik Wilcox tries out the Optec 2-1.25-inch Adapter, Astro Tips, New Products, Industry News and much more!

March/April Volume 4 Issue 2

This issue includes Starizona’s Scott Tucker’s insiders look into the design of the revolutionary new Hyperion Telescope, Craig Stark’s test drive of the Explore Scientific 127 ED, Russ Lederman’s overview of Denkmeier Optical’s new Spectrum 60 PST Upgrade, Dave Snay’s evaluation of the GoldFocus Focusing System, Sierra Star’s Rich William’s technique for creating excellent flat-field images, Rick Saunders explanation of an ATM project that lets you use the same 12-volt source that is powering your telescope, Erik Wilcox tests dark skies with the Unihedron Sky Quality Meter-L, Robert Stelmock’s tip on using a Celestron SkyScout to drive a Dob, Industry News, New Products and much more!

January/February Volume 4 Issue 1

In this issue Dave Snay finally plays with the big boys as he tests the Finger Lakes Instrumentation ML8300 Imager, Dave also offers his version of a roll off roof observatory, Dr. James Dire discusses imaging with the Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM lense, Erik Wilcox finishes his review of the Tele Vue Ethos line with his review of the 21mm Ethos, "Uncle" Rod Mollise talks about his experiance with the Eye and Telescope planner program, Richard Harris' look at the future of astronomy and mobile phone applications, Industry News, New Products, and much more!

November/December Volume 3 Issue 6

In this issue Erik Wilcox has the envious task of reviewing the full line of Ethos eyepieces, Dave Snay installs a SkyShed pier, Richard Harris wraps his hands around Garrett Optical’s huge 100-mm binos, New Binocular Photon Machine owner Mark Vanderaar gives his thoughts on the unique device, Rich Williams demonstrates how to remove residual bulk images, Tim DeBenedictis discusses his development of the iPhone SkyVoyager app, plus industry news, new products and so much more!

September/October Volume 3 Issue 5

In this issue get a room with a view, with two articles on extraordinary astronomy travel opportunities. First Klaus Brasch recounts his travels to norther Chile using a Astro-Hutech modified Canon cameras, followed up by Shawn Hendrix's experiances setting up a wide range of Vixen scopes at the Palms Resort Hotel in Saipan. Also included is a PortaBowl ATM ball-scope project for under $100 by Jay Scheuerle, Dave Snay's change out of the ADM Accessories Losmandy "D" Series format adaptor for EQG-Style mounts, as well as Dave's look at the Redshift 7 planetarium software, Craig Bobchin's look at the Explore Scientific AR152, an ATM dimmer project for a Surplus Shed LED by Rick Saunders, the new IPI Mount from Iott Precision Instruments by Karl Zimmerman, and a simple project for improving Go-To alignment by Joe Campbell. Plus industry news, new products and so much more!

July/August Volume 3 Issue 4

In this issue Richard Hedrick gives an Insiders View of the Origins of PlaneWave Instruments and its CDC Telescopes, Dr. Clay Sherrod overview of the Arkansas Sky Observatories PlaneWave CDK-17 installation, a look at Unihedron’s SQM-LE Reader and Knighware's SQMReader Pro software, Editor Gary Parkerson demonstrates using Taurus Technologies’ Dark Sky Atlas to find Dark-Sky Observing Sites, Erik Wilcox shares his experience as a Backpacking Astronomer, Craig Stark tests the Spike-a Focusing Mask, Dr. James Dire takes a look through the Cambridge Double Star Atlas, Dave Merritt builds a PVC Secondary Mount for a Wire Spider, Steve Sands Tip on upgrading tiny Telrad alignment knobs, Industry News, New Products, and much more!

May/June 2009 Volume 3 Issue 3

In this issue we you'll enjoy Getting Started in Astrophotography with DSLR Cameras by John Moody, using the Stiletto IV Pro also by John Moody, Craig Stark uses Deep Sky Printing to get awesome astro image prints, Dave Snay astro imaging tutoring experiances with Neil Fleming, Dr. James Dire experiances with the Orion 190-mm Mak-Newt, Rick Saunders how-to on building an ATM Focus-Motor Controller, Erik Wilcox's demonstrates the easy to use William Optics Easy Touch Alt-Az Mount, Barry Simon tip on leveling mounts, New Products, Industry News, Editors Note and much more!


March/April 2009 Volume 3 Issue 2

In this issue Erik Wilcox tries out the William Optics FLT 98 and ZS 70 ED – two of their newest exotic offerings, Barry Simon takes the Half Hitch Mount through its paces, Jeanette Dunphy reports from down under on the astrophotography with the iOptron Cube, Don Schwab enjoys affordable H-Alpha viewing with the Coronado PST, Melvin Dawson provides his own ATM solution by building a field tripod for a small GEM, Dave Snay reports on 14 year old Caroline Moore’s remarkable achievement of discovering a supernova, Bill Pellerin reviews Stephen O’Meara’s “Observing the Night Sky with Binoculars”, plus Industry News, New Products Announcements, Astro Tips and much more!

January/February 2009 Volume 3 Issue 1

Articles include The Evolution of and Observatory Project - From Roll-Off and Fork Mount to SkyShed POD and GEM by Max Corneau, Parks Gold Eyepieces - Still Golden Performers by Erik Wilcox, The Losmondy GM-8 - A Solid, User Friendly Equitorial Mount by Don Schwab, The Virtual Obsever - What We See with a Telescope by Roger Blake, An ATM Dew Controller - ATM Projects Don't Have to Stop with the Telescope by Rick Saunders, Editor's Note, Industry News, New Products and much more!

December 2008 Volume 2 Issue 12

Articles include Barlow Bob’s Taking High-Resolution Spectrography to the Masses with the LHIRES III Spectrograph, John Moody Uses the Moonlite CR Motorized Focuser to Optimize an Imaging Newtonian, Don Schwab Finds the Rigel Systems QuikFinder a “Quik” Tool for Finding His Way Around the Night Sky, “Uncle Rod” Molisse Gets Deforked with the Orion Atlas Mount and EQMOD, Erik Wilcox and Gary Parkerson Explore New Twists on Old Problems With Four Products, Industry News, New Products, Astro Tips, and Much More!

November 2008 Volume 2 Issue 11

Articles include the final article in a four part series about the Erik Teeter’s design and construction of the Dobsonian Stellafane Donation Telescope, Erik Wilcox’s test drive of Carina Software’s Voyager 4.5 Dynamic Sky Simulator, Craig Stark’s testing of the Borg 50 Guide Scope and X-Y Stage, Mike Jones’ examination of baffle optimization for cassegrain telescopes, Marcin KIapczynski’s unique ATM project building a ultra-compact, airline carry-on chest Dob, this month’s Astro Tip, Industry News, New Products and much more!

October 2008 Volume 2 Issue 10

Articles include Scott Tucker’s overview of the development of the HyperStar imaging system, UK’s Greg Parker’s experiences using two versions of the HyperStar, Jason Scherff’s upgrade to his budget Dob using ScopeStuff’s EbonyStar’s Laminate Round-Bearing Kit, Roger Blake of Taurus Technologies provides part two of the article series on the development of the Virtual Observer software program, Dave Snay’s take on the Orion Sirius EQ-G Mount and StarShoot AutoGuider, Erik Wilcox’s test drive of the Parks Astrolight Newtonian, Rob Nabholz provides this months Astro Tip, Industry News, New Products and much more!

September 2008 Volume 2 Issue 9

Articles include Erik Wilcox’s test drive of the Vixen VMC200L Mak-Cass and SXD Sphinx Deluxe Equatorial Mount, Ion Dodd’s experience at the Shooting Star Inn, Roger Blake of Taurus Technologies development of the Virtual Observer software program, Cliff De Lacy’s take of the APT Wedge, Dave Snay’s Collimation Made Easy for a Newbie, Mike Jones technical examination in his Image Quality as a Function of Back Focus Shift for Cassegrain Systems, Craig Stark’s Astro Tip - The Elf, Industry News, New Products and much more!

August 2008 Volume 2 Issue 8

Articles include Dave Snay’s in depth look at Orion’s StarShoot Deep Space Monochrome Image II and 6-inch Newtonian Imaging OTA, Jeff Bleazy’s confessions of a Mak-Newt fan, Erik Wilcox’s take on the William Optics 28mm UWAN Eyepiece, Robert Teeter’s continuation of his construction of the Stellafane Donation Scope project, A Newbie’s Journey into Light as experienced by Kirby Benson, Gary Parkerson’s test drive of the Catsperch Summit Observing Chair, Astro Tips, Industry and New Product news and much more!

July 2008 Volume 2 Issue 7

Articles include Rich Simons Deep Sky Instruments New RC10 Richey-Chretien Astrograph, Chris Hetledge's test drive of the RC10, Craig Starks look at CCD Labs Q543-HR and Q285-M, Robert Teeter, Jr. continues the Stellafane Donation Scope Project, Max Carneau's participation in the Tzec Maun Foundation, Erik Wilcox builds a Peterson Binocular Mount kit, Gary Kronk promotes astronomy with the MallinCam, Astro Tips, Tricks, and Novel Solutions, Industry and New Products News, and much more.

June 2008 Volume 2 Issue 6

Articles include OMI's 48-inch TEXAS size Dob, Dave Miller previews Upcoming Astronomy Events, Penny Distasio's take on the LightWedge Night Vision, Tony Hallas explores with JMI's 14.5-inch f/4 Reverse Binoculars, Dave Snay images with Astronomik's LRGB Type IIc Filters, Richard Wright's Confessions of a Christmas Trash Scope, Erik Wilcox looks through Baader's Hyperion Eyepieces, Astro Tips, New Products, Industry News, and much more!

May 2008 Volume 2 Issue 5

Articles include Paul Van Slyke's Black Forest Observatory, a look at the Stellarvue 80ED Nighthawk travel package, an overview of "Nebulosity" image capture and processing software, TMB's Optical Paragon 40, DSLR Deep-Sky Imaging, the Stellafane Donation Scope Project, Astro Tips, New Products, Industry News, and much more!

April 2008 Volume 2 Issue 4

Articles include a comprehensive review of the Borg 101 F/4 Astrograph, an introduction to APM's ATL-AZ Mount, the building of Pier Tech's Star Travelor Mobile Observatory, astronomy for the visually impaired, a look at Tele Vue's Ethos, a report on Rigel System's RS Spectroscope, Vixen's amazing Newtonian Replica Telescope, a guide to viewing in suburbia, and much more!

March 2008 Volume 2, Issue 3

Articles include comet chronicler Gary Kronk's Backyard Observatories roll-off roof observatory installation, a report of a new college mirror-making workshop introduced by a Florida educator, the second installment of Rob Teeter's Stellafane experiences, an introduction to Orion's Redbeam SP Flashlight, Erik Wilcox's take on Celestron's new SkyScout Scope, a report on Zhumell's new Z8 Dob package, an editor's impressions of ScopeGuard's back-saving Multicart, industry news, new product announcements, tips, astro-tips, and more.

February 2008 - Issue 9

Articles include Richard Berry's in depth review of QSI's 532ws CCD Camera, two looks at Stellarvue's SV102ED, Penny Distasio's review of Celestron's new clothing line,  Rob Teeter's look back at his experiances at Stellafane, Erik Wilcox's review of Howie Glatter's laser collimator, the latest industry news and new products, astro tips, and more.

January 2008 - Issue 8

Articles include Lorelei Parker Power's cover story featuring Woodland Hills Telescopes' Farah Payan, two featuring ATM projects building an observing chair and an 8-inch ball scope.  Other articles cover IP4AP image processing instruction, the merits of Dob shrouds, choosing low power eyepieces, simple remote observatory automation, Heater Meals providing warmth under the stars, astro tips, and more.

December 2007 Issue 7

Check out Rich Williams' Sierra Stars Observatory (SSO) as well as Dave Snay's  test drive of SSO.  This issue also includes a report on Thousand Oaks' Nebula  Filters, the Advanced Alt-Az Telescope Project, and Optical Mechanics' James Mulherin's demystification of mirror coating processes.

November 2007 Issue 6

ChronosMount's revolutionary Harmonic Drive Gearing Mount System; HOTS 2007 welcomes solar enthusiasts from across the country; the Zeke Seat - a comfy observing chair; Optimizing the Orion 100-mm, f/6 Achro; Dave Miller of Durango Skies gives an insider's tips on selecting and building a personal observatory; Pete Peterson of Peterson Engineering fame describes his personal home observatory project.

October 2007 Issue 5

JMI's Jim Burr and his journey from astronomy enthusiast to an industry leader in telescope accessories; a simple tip for identifying sources of stray light in telescopes; Agena's budget minded, wide-angle eyepieces; Meade imagers get a test drive; Denkmeier's SCT Powerswitch with FilterSwitch; encouraging a young girl's love for the stars; Starfest 2007.

September 2007 - Issue 4

Star Workshop 2007 examines latest trends in small alt-az telescope engineering and development, and scientific research and undergraduate education; a look at integrating video cameras; the Vixen VC200L; a weekend Dob base project; a banner month for astronomy events; Starizona's MicroTouch Autofocus; and upgrading to a ServoCat Track and Go-To system.

August 2007 - Issue 3

Tom Osypowski of Equatorial Platforms and his 50 years as an equipment junky; a fresh look at William Optics' ZenithStar 110 Triplet Apo; an imaging enthusiast's take on Meade's Series 5000 ED 80 Apo; astrophotography with a Dob and Round Table's equatorial platform; building an ATM 80-mm finder/rich-field scope with Surplus Shed optics; a reader's unique trailer mounted traveling observatory; plus much more. Yes, we skipped two months!  (Not really, we simply changed the monthly name sequence to better reflect the month by which each print issue should be received, rather than the month of its preparation.)

May 2007 - Issue 2

An inside look at the SkyShed POD and its developer, Wayne Parker, plus a review of the POD; the Meade 16-inch Lightbridge; Tele Vue's "is" imaging systems; Glatter Collimation's new BLUG; an ATM project adding Orion's Intelliscope system to Meade Lightbridge; new takes on the Rosin Hyperboloidal Astrograph; NEAF 2007; and more.

April 2007 - Issue 1

Our inaugural issue! Articles include OPT's Pentax line of imaging optimized Apos; Starizona's HyperStar ultra-fast imaging system; the William Optics 66-mm ZenithStar "Patriot" Apo; Tele Vue's T4 Nagler; two unique ATM projects - an equatorial fork mounted Newtonian and a wood hemispherical Dobsonian; a simple Newtonian tube rotation solution; a collimation tutorial featuring the Catseye system; and more.