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September/October 2010 Volume 4, Issue 5

In this issue Dr. James Dire gives his advice on selecting a GEM mount, Dave Snay goes planetary with the Imaging Source’s DMK 41AU02.AS Camera, Erik Wilcox installs an 1800Destiny 3-vane spider and shows how to test optics with the Gerd Neumann 10-mm Ronchi Eyepiece, Bob Keyser shares his experience with PEMPro Software to correct a mount’s periodic error, polar alignment and backlash, Steve Luce outlines his extensive research in understanding the critical-focus zone of a fast apochromatic lens, Stephen W. Ramsden and Brian Stephen review the Lunt Solar System LS152, Easy DIY Desiccant Caps from frequent contributor Joe Campbell, Editor Gary Parkerson draws an ATM line in the sand, Industry News, New Products and much more!
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